Empowering wellness at home™️

with WatchWell®

A lack of visibility into a patient’s home environment makes keeping a close watch on patient wellness nearly impossible.

Providers are experiencing improved patient satisfaction, recovery times, and long-term outcomes while generating new practice revenue using Medadept’s digital patient engagement platform WatchWell®.

Payors recognize better health outcomes at lower cost can be achieved through optimizing patient engagement, education, and on-going communication between providers and patients.

Payors are increasingly reimbursing providers for using virtual care to monitor & support better health at home & expand care access for their patients.


Synchrony Coordinator® delivers multiple
virtual care management capabilities

Appointments & Medication Reminders

Direct Care Navigator Communication

Post Acute Referral/ Network Management

Condition & Procedure Education

Pre & Post Hospital & Procedure Engagement

Transitions of Care Management

Predictive Analytics

Care Navigation & Case Management

Remote Therapeutic & Physiologic Monitoring (RTM & RPM)

EHR Integration




using WatchWell®

  • Automate outreach and engage patients cost-effectively
  • Identify high-risk patient populations
  • Support long-term self-care management
  • Optimize care coordination & transitions of care
  • Improve care team communication
  • Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Minimize avoidable costs

Engaged Patients Achieve Better Outcomes.

Clinical outcomes are primarily dependent on the patient’s ability to adhere to their care plan. Therefore, it’s important to activate patients and their caregivers to advocate for their own wellness beyond the walls of a practice. Successfully engaging patients to support self-management is crucial to avoiding readmissions. WatchWell® optimizes patient self-care management, enables visibility into patient’s health status and alerts providers and caregivers when proactive intervention is needed.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

As of January 2022, CMS established reimbursement codes for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) as an expansion of remote care management services. RTM focuses on monitoring status, specifically for musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions. RTM involves using Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), like Medadept’s WatchWell® mobile app, to report and collect non-physiological, patient-reported data relating to therapy/medication adherence and response.

Healthier patients & increased revenue. That’s good business.

Payors have incentivized providers to implement RTM and have created an opportunity to generate additional practice revenue. We can help you execute effective remote monitoring, enhance patient care & capture that revenue.

A Successful RTM Program combines the Right Technology and Right Partner.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

What if you could offer patients accurate remote patient monitoring (RPM), relieve staff time, and add to your bottom line? That’s what Medadept’s full-service platform can offer your practice. Our trained care coordinators communicate regularly with patients helping them maintain compliance so you can achieve maximum reimbursement while providing enhanced patient care and alleviating your staff of time-consuming tasks.

Profitable RPM Unites the Best of Tech with the Best of Care

Our dedicated staff monitors your patients on a daily basis to help them stay compliant and help you qualify for reimbursement. While our care coordinators regularly monitor your patients, our HIPAA-compliant online portal and app empower you with complete access to your patients’ latest biometric data at your fingertips. We are here to help you manage patients with a range of conditions. Different patients require different devices, and we’ve got you covered. Patients simply take their readings, and the data is instantly uploaded for care coordinators and providers to monitor.

Capture New Revenue While Increasing Patient Care


For Providers

Patients want a digital connection with their providers. Providing digital health tools for patient convenience, accessibility and to self-manage their care is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a necessity to improve patient outcomes, experience and meet patients where they are.

93% of patients expect to use digital tools to facilitate patient-provider interaction. 85% expect virtual care access.

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Accelerated by COVID-19, today’s consumerism has caught up to health care. Stay connected and continue your care with WatchWell®


Medadept’s digital health app, WatchWell, helps you and your caregivers monitor, self-manage, and improve your health conditions. These include musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory conditions, and other chronic conditions that require specific care plan adherence to maximize patient outcomes.

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Get Stronger and Feel Better

Whether your physician or physical therapist has prescribed RTM, or you are taking a proactive approach to managing your health condition, WatchWell can help you reach your goals. Providers customize a care plan with exercises, check-ins, and instructions appropriate for your situation and abilities. By tracking your progress, health, and well-being each day through your responses, your care team is notified of any change in your health status and can better support your recovery or minimize complications in your condition.

About MedAdept®

Medadept’s integrated suite of virtual care solutions optimize quality metrics and clinical outcomes by enabling collaborative and coordinated care management across the care continuum. Through our parent company, IncreMedical, we provide a diverse array of care management solutions and advisory services that align with the needs of customers and drive measurable results.

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